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Financial services for Brits + UK-USA Tax advice +British accountants in Florida

UK-USA TAX EXPERTS FOR FLORIDA EXPATS. TIP to fellow and newcomer Brits:  Paying for professional advice in fraudulent Florida is crucial!   Usual disclaimer for anything to do with YOUR hard-earned money:  FABB/British Bureau cannot be held liable for any dealings with the financial experts advertising on this page.  So  check everybody out yourselves before doing business.    ►  IMPORTANT:  The UK and USA Governments have sleuthing systems in place to track down what you have stashed away in either country.   On your annual USA tax return you are supposed to declare income from foreign sources.  For clarification specific to YOU, we recommend you consult one of the FABB accountants below.                        

►   ALL BRITS IN FLORIDA ARE ADVISED TO USE A BRITISH ACCOUNTANT /FINANCIAL EXPERT WHO SPECIALISES IN UK-USA MATTERS.    FACT:   American professionals are not versed in our unique situation as immigrants expats, so we recommend you contact our FABB member professionals listed below.    Established expatriates themselves,  with years of professional expertise in Florida,  they have satisfied British clients in all parts of Florida and the UK.  See the list below:   

 JIMMY ANDREWS  NEED US-USA FINANCIAL OR TAX ADVICE?  ALL OF US EXPATS DO.  JAMES ANDREWS is a chartered British accountant and Florida certified accountant on the FABB team, with 30 years experience and a longtime Florida resident.  Feel confident to use Jimmy Andrews for all your UK-USA financial matters.  He has numerous satisfied expat British clients in Florida and the UK.  We recommend Jimmy highly.  Ideal for Expat Brit newcomers to Florida:  Let him explain your UK-USA Tax Liaibility and BE SET UP PROFESSIONALLY.    He understands the special financial challenges of transplanted Brits and handles their personal or business tax and financial matters.  Jimmy can set up new business accounts for you to comply with USA tax laws. His fees are reasonable!  Jimmy is based in the Ft. Lauderdale area , with clients across Florida and the UK. He is happy to meet you in person.  Jimmy also specialises in due diligence for UK Brits buying E2 businesses here. When you have found a business to buy and are ready to make your offer to the sellers, you must do DUE DILIGENCE. This is standard procedure when buying a business in Florida….contact Jimmy Andrews to find out more.  Reach him direct on cell [305] 323-1278 or email jand592040@aol.com.      

►  STEPHEN HARTER.  UK-USA tax advice. Owner Accounting Services provides a US/UK tax service  to owners of Florida rental properties. The company is run by British professionals Laurie Harter and Stephen Harter, based in  the UK [Lymm, Cheshire].  Stephen  Harter is a qualified UK Chartered Management Accountant and Enrolled Agent and Certified Acceptance Agent in the USA.  They lived in Florida for several years and still own a place in Windermere, so familiar with UK-Florida matters. They offer the following services ITIN Applications (Renewal and New) , Non-Resident US Tax Returns , US Business Tax Returns , Ex-Pat US Tax Returns , FIRPTA 8288B services (when Selling) ,UK Tax Filing  including reporting US Rental Income in the UK , FBAR Filing etc.  In first instance, send your query to stephen@owneraccounting.com Or call their UK office 01144 1925758330  MEMBERS OF FABB, Florida Association of British Business since 2022.

► INSURANCE FOR FELLOW BRITS. Liza Johnson, originally from London and resident of Naples, Florida since 2008, holds a Multi-State Life Insurance & Annuity License. SAYS LIZA:  Beyond serving as a safety net for unforeseen events, life insurance offers living benefits like tax-free compound growth, which can be strategically used for education, debt payoff, early mortgage settlement, and retirement goals. Life insurance is also crucial for estate planning and business continuity, potentially extending to non-residents based on financial status.” Liza encourages a healthy lifestyle, which could reduce insurance premiums and unlock rewards like gift cards, discounted travel, and tech gadgets. Liza’s mission is to harmonize good health with enjoying wealth. See website www.FinFitLife.com   For expert holistic guidance towards a secure and fulfilling financial life call Liza on (239) 293 6186  or send email to liza.johnson@johnsonwong.us On subject line put: Insurance query from fellow Brit.   

UK PENSION:  DID YOU PAY INTO A UK COMPANY OR PRIVATE PENSION?  Take control of your UK pension(s) now! Contact fellow Brit JOHN TUNSTALL of FLORIN PENSIONS for an initial consultation to understand your options in the US before and during retirement. John is based in Tampa Bay and has specialized in providing UK pension transfer and investment advice to British expats in all parts of Florida for the last 19 years, since 2004. See company info on www.florinpensions.com  Contact John on cell (646) 338-5511 or email to jtunstall@florinpensions.com  On subject line put  UK PENSIONS QUERY. John is a member of the Florida Association of British Business. Florin Pensions is regulated by the SEC.  OTHER:  FOR A GOVERNMENT PENSION see the UK Pensions page on www.britishflorida.com  Don’t ask John about the government pensions.

► YOUR CREDIT HISTORY:     In the capitalist USA, where many people live beyond their means mired in debt,   you are defined by your credit history.    A clean credit report is more valued than a clean bottom!   To avoid identity theft and other great reasons, you should monitor your credit report, at least once a year.  The Government gives you one FREE annual Credit Report.   To get this from the only OFFICIAL government-authorised source, contact the Annual Credit Report Request Service Tollfree 1-877-322-8228.   Their website is    www.annualcreditreport.com    This website is legitimate.   BEWARE!   ALL OTHER SIMILAR-SOUNDING WEBSITES and PHONE NUMBERS are IMPOSTERS. 

The state of Florida’s Office of Financial regulations maintains a website where you can check out people’s credentials:    www.flofr.com   Or call the state capital of Tallahassee on [850] 487-9087 to ask your questions.

££$$   TIP:  WANT TO SAVE WHEN TRANSFERRING over UK CURRENCY?   DON’T USE YOUR BANK!  Use Moneycorp.  [ I use Moneycorp myself–FABB President.]   TO FIND OUT MORE:    Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin on  [863] 207-6616 at their USA HQ in Orlando to ask all your questions.  Or email your query to Kelly Cutchin  kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com   The pound is shaky.  That affects all expats in Florida who still have UK dealings. To transfer your precious funds, we highly recommend you use the services of Moneycorp.  At lower rates than any bank!  This will save you fees and grief, as we Londoners say!  What your own bank won’t do is save considerable  exchange fees, like Moneycorp.   THE BEST WAY:   Moneycorp, the UK company with an office in Florida and droves of satisfied Florida clients. It is the only UK currency exchange company licenced to deal in 50 states.   Many expat Brits here have used this currency service for years and report huge savings and satisfaction.   Moneycorp’s HQ is in England.   Posted by the Florida Association of British Business [FABB].  Moneycorp have been trusted members since 2005.  

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