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Website publisher:  Patricia Kawaja  [ex-Londoner].  British Bureau office [305] 371-9340 in downtown Miami.  Email queries + adrate requests to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com     NOTE:  For 24 years, Patricia chronicled the activities and business successes of Florida’s British community, as Florida columnist for Union Jack British Newspaper, until it ceased publication in 2016.  This was the USA’s only national publication for the British community.   She has also organized/hosted over 350 British events across South Florida.     

►  This is the state’s only reference website for everything British. Look at the various pages to source
anything for YOUR expat life in Florida. 


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flagman YOUR UK PENSION…Are you 55 or older?  Did you pay into a UK company or private pension? Do you know whether and how you can access your lump sum and bring it over to the USA?  For a FREE review of your UK pension contact Mark Solomons in Palm Beach with Florin Pensions direct on  [561] 793-1311 email  msolomons@florinpensions.com   On Subject line put:  “ UK pension query-FABB ”.  Include your name + city + phone + a sentence about the type of company/private pension you paid into.   NOTE:  The UK’s decision to leave the EU has resulted in Gilt yields reaching all time historic lows,  pushing up the transfer values of UK defined benefit pensions schemes.  That means your unfrozen pension is worth MORE since July 2016.   Mark is a longtime and trusted member of the Florida Association of British Business.  As FABB’s UK pensions expert,  he has unfrozen many pensions for USA expats over the years.

► COUPON!!!  Get 20% off your bill at the ROYAL INDIA RESTAURANT 3801 Griffin Road, west Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33312. [954] 964-0071.  Best Indian food in Florida, beloved by curry-loving Brits.  Just show this ad to your server.  [Dine-in after 5p.m. only].  It’s MY favourite Indian restaurant—Patricia Kawaja, publisher of  www.britishflorida.com  

 ► THE ROYAL FAMILY, including Harry And Meghan:  Always find the latest, accurate [!]  info
on their official website   www.royal.gov.uk   

► DAVID BECKHAM’S MLS Miami team officially launched January 29, 2018 at the Miami press conference I attended, with Beckham present.  No actual matches can happen till at least 2020:  Find current details on the Soccer in Florida page on this website.    

► ARE YOU A BRIT LIVING IN FLORIDA?  OR A UK BRIT WITH PROPERTY THERE?  Sign up for our eBritnews email—invitations to local British events and info relevant to expats.  Send email to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com  On subject line put:   Receive Florida  eBritnews.  IMPORTANT:   Must include your city + contact phone.  

► VIRGIN VOYAGES starts cruising out of Port Miami in 2020.  Florida expat Brits WILL be aboard!
Latest details on the CRUISES page on this website and on www.virginvoyages.com 

► WANT TO MOVE TO FLORIDA?  Let FABB tell you how and answer your questions. We’ve been the experts for 2 decades.  If you are over 21,  email your query to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com     On subject line put:  “Move to Florida.”  Below one of the many testimonials from UK FABB Members who used FABB for their move to Florida:  We made it to Florida–thanks to FABB! We used FABB’s trusted, experienced team : FABBs businessbroker to find us an E2 business to buy, their Immigration attorney to handle our visa application,  FABB’s accountant to do the due diligence before buying, FABB’s shipping company and more.  FABB gave us peace of mind and oiled the works for this major step in our lives. The small membership fee saved us worry, precious time and possible fraud by others. “—OLWEN STUBBS,  who moved to Central Florida from Wales in 2007.

Need a Job in Florida?  Obtain FABB’s Jobs Websites list.  For details email Name + City + Phone
to  britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com  On Subject line put: FABB’s Jobs list 


►  A BRITISH REALTOR UNDERSTANDS YOU BETTER! Looking to buy/rent in Florida?  FABB’s realtors network was  established in 1997 and we strongly advise UK buyers to use one from our team listed on this website –See Property page.  FABB has the only statewide network of qualified, Florida-licensed expat British real estate professionals.  They work closely with UK-based Brits and resident Florida expats to find them a holiday home, permanent residence or commercial property.   A fellow Brit understands you better.  Avoid the pitfalls of negotiations in a foreign land.   IMPORTANT :   Only select a realtor operating in the LOCAL Florida area you wish to live.   

  ► BOOK NOW FOR CHRISTMAS to get dates you want.  FOR CHEAPEST FLIGHTS TO UK and European cities:  Use code 9340.  BEFORE YOU BOOK ELSEWHERE :  Contact the British travel whizz we Florida Brits all use for a farequote:  Richard Hubbard  [786] 552-6214.  NOTE:  Give Richard reference code 9340 for best deal on any airline.  Miami-based Richard has served British and American clients across Florida for 2 decades—-anybody who wants to fly to Europe.   Great personal service from a fellow Brit!  Or email Richard your travel query with your phone number to rih@continentaltravelgroup.com   In email give him reference code 9340. NOTE:  Richard handles flights FROM the UK too–maybe you want to buy a ticket for family to come over to visit you?  Ask Richard for a quote.  

►  FLORIDA IS THE USA’S TOP DESTINATION TO RELOCATE says a 2018 study published by national mortgage company Lending Tree.  The company analysed loan requests by destination across the USA.  Overall Florida ranked first.     

 flagman    TIP £$£$:   Want to transfer money from the UK to Florida. DON’T USE YOUR BANK! Use Moneycorp.  [I use Moneycorp myself—Publisher].   The pound is shaky.  That affects all expats in Florida who still have UK dealings.  But Moneycorp’s rates are currently the best.  To transfer your precious funds, we highly recommend the services of Moneycorp.  This will save you fees and grief, as we Londoners say!  What your own bank won’t do is save you the considerable exchange fees.  Moneycorp does that for you.   NOW is the most advantageous time for you to transfer any funds you have.  THE BEST WAY:  Moneycorp.   At lower rates than any bank.   Moneycorp is the only UK currency exchange company licensed to deal in 50 states.   Expat Brits here–including many personal Brit friends of mine–have used this currency service for years and report savings and satisfaction.   TO FIND OUT MORE:    Phone Moneycorp’s Kelly Cutchin on  [863] 207-6616 at their USA HQ in Orlando to ask all your questions.  Or email your query to  kelly.cutchin@moneycorp.com for details.  Moneycorp’s HQ is in the UK.  Posted by the Florida Association of British Business [FABB]  Moneycorp have been trusted members since 2005.     

 NEED A UK PASSPORT? Want to save the hassle of doing it yourself? Use the above UK Abroad service. Based in Miami they handle UK passport renewals for expat Brits anywhere in the USA.  Call [800] 806-0975 and they will explain all. 

► ► The British Bureau has the only statewide database of resident Britons and British businesses in every Florida zipcode, compiled since 1991 and updated weekly.  To access our British database in your marketing, send query to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com      

Find them on the BUSINESSES FOR SALE PAGE on this website.

 ► ► Do you own a vacation home in Orlando/Kissimmee?  Need peace of mind while you’re away?
Use our experts from the Property Management page. 

 WATCH UK TV RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! Go to website www.mytvabroad.tvflagman  Want to reach the huge resident British expat community in any Florida city? The British Bureau of Florida has the only email address database of thousands of Brits in every part of Florida—you don’t!   Use our eBlast service,  established 15 years ago.   We have a long list of  British and American satisfied clients,  even the mighty BBC!   For details +  adrates call our office [305] 371-9340 or email query to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com  On subject line put ” British Bureau publicity services.”    

FACT:  The World Wide web, now known as the Internet,  was invented in 1989 by British computer scientist
Sir Tim Berners-Lee, born in 1956.

flagman NEED A BRITISH ACCENT FOR YOUR PROJECT?   Persuasive, authoritative, attractive, always in style, trendy and alluring–a great sales tool!   For commercials, radio, your company phone system or any other purpose.  Call the British Bureau office [305] 371-9340 to discuss your needs. 

►  BBC AMERICA MIAMI OFFICE Phone [305] 461-6999.  For the greatest daily source of UK news always view the BBC website:  http://www.bbc.co.uk

►   FABB  [Florida Association of British Business]  was voted the Best British Business Group in the USA in 2010 by the UK Weekly Telegraph,  reaching expatriate readers in 49 countries.   IF YOU ARE A BRITISH-RUN BUSINESS IN FLORIDA,  JOIN TO SHOWCASE AND MARKET YOUR BUSINESS to the resident British community in all parts of Florida.  Find  FABB’s member British businesses and professionals in Florida listed on this website.  To ask how membership can bring YOU more customers + help your business grow,  email your query to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com  On subject line put  “FABB Membership”. Or call FABB office [305] 371-9340.

                          WATCH UK TV RIGHT HERE IN THE USA! Go to website www.mytvabroad.tv