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VIRGIN VOYAGES cruising out of PortMiami

► NOTE:  CHRISTMAS 2022 I am booked on the Riviera Maya Christmas cruise December  22-27 from Miami, as paid passenger not media this time.  If you’ll be onboard too,  let me know before via email to britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com    Will give you my cabin number.  We can meet at SIP Champagne bar or Richard’s Rooftop bar for a Merry Christmas glass of bubbly! —Patricia 


►  OCTOBER 30, 2022 Their second sailing beauty Valiant Lady,  arrived for the first time in Port Miami, with Sir Richard Branson in person leading the  celebrations.

  April 2022:  VIRGIN announced its 4th ship Brilliant Lady will be joining the fleet, sailing late 2023.  

NOVEMBER 2021 FINALLY!  WE WERE THRILLED!   Virgin’s first ship Scarlet Lady arrived in Port Miami September 26, 2021.   I was an invited onboard media guest September 28, leaving  highly impressed.  Marvellous Sir Richard was onboard, of course, schmoozing with us all and showing off his latest achievement. VIRGIN VOYAGES stunning first ship Scarlet Lady is now sailing out of Port Miami, effective October 2021. See www.virginvoyages.com to book your cruise.   


► February 13, 2022  Virgin Voyages own purpose-built cruise terminal was opened in a ribbon cutting ceremony at Port Miami. Sir Richard Branson wielded the scissors!  Miami Mayor Cava was one of the VIP guests.  

 Boarding Scarlet Lady in PortMiami September 28, 2021—PK, publisher. 

We thousands of Florida Brits are thrilled! I’ve been aboard, British shipmates:  I am lucky to see the stunning red Virgin ships from my home in downtown Miami–PK.
BOOK NOW!  See updates and photos of the beautiful first ship Scarlet Lady and book a cruise on www.virginvoyages.com

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  • TO WORK FOR VIRGIN VOYAGES. Now actively hiring!! Jobs ashore at the South Florida HQ  and/or onboard the ship.  Call the HQ in Plantation [Ft. Lauderdale] [954] 361-9500 or [954] 488-2955.  Ask to speak to somebody about working at Virgin Voyages.   Also, see current needs posted on https://www.linkedin.com/company/virgin-voyages/jobs/ 
  • NOTE:   VIRGIN VOYAGES is age 18 + adults-only on its “Lady” line ships sailing out of Port Miami.  “No children aboard will be welcomed by many and a direct result of listening to future sailors and travel partners, ”  the company said.  I agree!  Judging from press releases I get, Virgin Voyages, like Sir Richard himself, will be putting the emphasis on FUN and FROLICS.  They promise all night dance parties. This is not your granny’s cruiseship! But if your want a quieter cruise that is available onboard too, of course. 
  • VIRGIN HOTELS:  MIAMI IS GETTING A VIRGIN HOTEL, set to open 2024 in the Brickell area.  For current details see www.virginhotels.com

►  NEWS:  Rebranding Partnership with Brightline trains was cancelled August 2020. Brightline operating solo again without Virgin. See www.gobrightline.com

April 4, 2019  Photo [Sir Richard is on the right]. Sir Richard Branson was in Miami to unveil new VIRGIN TRAINS USA, formerly Brightline.  
I was there [as media and passenger since I live a few blocks away,  thrilled to be part of this exciting event—PK.   Preaching patience and acknowledging the challenges ahead for this new train line, Sir Richard told us : “If you have a big vision about something, you’ve just got to stick with it, prove people wrong and get it done.”   For Virgin Trains USA latest news see www.gobrightline.com 

►►► TO WORK FOR VIRGIN VOYAGES—Now hiring!! Call the HQ in Plantation [Ft. Lauderdale] [954] 488-2955.  Ask to speak to somebody about working at Virgin Voyages.   Also, see current needs posted https://www.linkedin.com/company/virgin-voyages/jobs/ 


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