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About British Businesses in Florida

There are hundreds of small British-owned/run businesses operating in all Florida cities, but few major UK companies actually headquartered here employing local British staff.   [Ask the British Consulate in Miami for a list of those]. To avoid visa issues, UK companies with a Florida branch usually employ local American or Hispanic staff, with maybe one or two British staffers sent over on contract.   But there are thousands of British professionals, sole proprietorships and entrepreneurs established here, as evidenced by files maintained exclusively by the British Bureau of Florida since 1991.  Said resident Britons work in all types of businesses in all Florida zipcodes.   They have a colossal professional presence in Florida.   Most British-run businesses in Florida are 10 employees or less.  They are not required to register with the British government and open/close/move so current complete lists are a challenge to maintain.  The British Bureau is the only office in Florida maintaining files on British-run businesses across Florida.  A percentage are shown on this website and you will find some,  as members of FABB [Florida Association of British Business], listed in our membership directory:

►  The British Consulate-General office in Miami.   Florida‘s trade office of the UK Government, called UKTI,   keeps a current lists of UK-owned companies with branches/offices operating in Florida.  Tel. [305] 400-6400 [press trade option].  See BRITISH CONSULATES page on this website.  ALSO TO TRADE WITH THE UK from Florida, find an agent or distributor there, contact the Miami Consulate-General.

■  FLORIDA RANKS NUMBER 2 as best state in the USA to do business, according to a May 2014 study by Chief Executive Magazine.  They surveyed 500 CEO’s across the country about the best and worst states for business. The survey measures tax and regulatory regime, workforce quality and attractive  living environment. Texas was number 1 and California last of all.  To nobody’s surprise, Florida beat Texas in the quality of living environment category. Beaches beat oil rigs.  California came last due to its taxes and regulatory issues for business.


Need a Job in Florida?  Obtain FABB’s Jobs Websites list.  For details email your name + City + contact phone
to  britishbusinessflorida@gmail.com   On Subject line put: FABB’s Jobs list 

  There are over 300 UK -affiliated companies in Florida, employing more than 44,000 Floridians.  Meanwhile, US firms employ a million people in the UK, including Florida companies like World Fuel Services and Office Depot.  This figures fluctuates up an down  obviously so call the British Consulate Trade office in Miami [305] 400-6400 for current information.

■  FLORIDA was deemed one of the top states to set up business, in a 2011 ranking of the 20 cheapest regions to set up shop.   Since many of my readers are from the UK on business visas, or about to set up, that’s comforting.  Jersey-based BIZ Costs did an analysis of 55 USA areas, weighing factors like labour costs, tax burdens, utility costs, travel costs, office/warehouse/business space leasing costs and others key factors.  Florida appeared 5 times, with Orlando claiming the top spot of all 55 surveyed. [Jacksonville was third, Tampa Bay was seventh, Palm Beach was sixteenth and Broward County 20th.  

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