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VIRGIN VOYAGES cruising from Miami + VIRGIN Trains

VIRGIN VOYAGES…..due to starting sailing 2020 out of Port Miami. We thousands of resident Miami Brits can’t wait!
I’ll be aboard, British shipmates:  I can see the cruise ships from my home in downtown Miami–PK.

  • BOOKING NOW:    See updates and photos of the beautiful first ship and book a cruise  on   www.virginvoyages.com

June 11, 2019:   Virgin Voyages announced today at a press conference in Toronto the appointment of Captain Wendy Williams as Master of Scarlet Lady. When Captain Williams takes the helm of Scarlet Lady in spring 2020, she will become the first Canadian woman to be captain of a ship for a major cruise brand. “Captain Wendy’s extensive maritime background makes her an excellent choice to lead the Scarlet Lady, but it is her spirit and drive to approach life at sea differently that make her the perfect fit to join the Virgin Voyages family,” said Tom McAlpin, president and chief executive officer for Virgin Voyages.  The company also announced a brand-new lineup of itineraries for their premier 2020 season.   Just last year, Virgin Voyages announced its Scarlet Squad program, an initiative dedicated to bridging the gender gap in leadership roles across the maritime industry, where women represent less than three percent of the workforce. The program aims to recruit, support and mentor female shipboard talent, and to grow opportunities for leadership roles in marine, technical and hotel management positions on board.  Virgin Voyages also announced new itineraries featuring multiple late-night sail aways, including a midnight departure on all new sailings.   Virgin Voyages will now offer voyages to Riviera Maya sailings to Cozumel/Playa Del Carmen, Mexico; Fire and Sunset Soirées including a sunset departure from Key West and a midnight departure from Bimini; and special seven-night sailings for the 2020 holiday season including the all-new Holidaze and Nights and New Year’s Ahoy voyages, which fall over the 2020 Christmas and New Year’s holidays respectively, and feature stops in Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic and late-night sail aways in both Bimini, Bahamas and San Juan, Puerto Rico. New seven-night holiday sailings featuring Puerto Rico now available for booking   FIND COMPLETE DETAILS ON ALL   www.virginvoyages.com

  • NOTE:   VIRGIN VOYAGES will be Adults-Only on its new “Lady” line ships sailing out of Port Miami.   “No children aboard will be welcomed by many and  a direct result of listening to future sailors and travel partners, ”  the company said.  I agree!  Judging from press releases I get, Virgin Voyages, like Sir Richard himself, will be putting the emphasis on FUN and FROLICS.  They promise all night dance parties. This is not your granny’s cruiseship!—PK
  • BOOKING NOW:    See updates and photos of the beautiful first ship and book a cruise  on   www.virginvoyages.com
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►  April 4, 2019  Photo [Sir Richard is on the right]. Sir Richard Branson was in Miami to unveil new VIRGIN TRAINS USA, formerly Brightline.  
I was there [as media and passenger since I live a few blocks away,  thrilled to be part of this exciting event—PK.   Preaching patience and acknowledging the challenges ahead for this new train line, Sir Richard told us : “If you have a big vision about something, you’ve just got to stick with it, prove people wrong and get it done.”   For Virgin Trains USA latest news see www.gobrightline.com 

►►► ONBOARD Virgin Voyages unveiled [in January 2019] the detail and design of their RockStar Suites, designed by Tom Dixon’s Design Research Studio. Virgin Voyages’ RockStar Suites bring a fresh take to yachting glamour steeped in the Virgin brand’s rock and roll heritage. Inspired by mega yachts and the glory days of rock and roll, the RockStar Suites feature a retro-futurism design with a palette of deep blues used with iridescent dichroic elements to echo the deep blue sea. Each suite comes equipped with a VIP perks including a personal assistant “Rockstar Coordinator,” private transportation, a personal wardrobe team to help guests pack and unpack, complimentary pressing service, nightly express swimsuit drying service and exclusive early access to onboard entertainment and restaurants as well as exclusive access to Richard’s Rooftop – a secluded, members only club for guests in the RockStar Suites to bask in the sun or have a drink under the stars.  The intimate, adult-by-design Scarlet Lady will only feature 78 total RockStar Suites. Dixon designed 8 different variations of the RockStar Suites, detailed below. Each suite features a sea terrace, electric, adjustable lighting including blackout curtains and a gold-plated vinyl record player accompanied by an en-suite collection of classic records.  See www.virginvoyages for photos and details.

►►►  SIR RICHARD BRANSON’S MANY COMPANIES ARE ALWAYS HIRING, in USA and UK.  In Florida:  Virgin Voyages, the new cruiseline sailing from Miami in 2020, is NOW hiring crew and staff and professional shipboard entertainers.  Call  Virgin Voyages HQ in Plantation [Ft. Lauderdale] [954] 361-9500 and ask for Careers department.  ALSO:  See all current Virgin jobs on www.virgin.com   Click on the CAREER page.


VIRGIN TRAINS USA was rebranded April 2019 in Miami by Sir Richard himself. Formerly Brightline. The route runs Miami-Ft. Lauderdale to Palm Beach. The Orlando extension is due to start 2021.  See https://www.virgin.com/richard-branson/unveiling-virgin-trains-usa I have already travelled on the train several times since May 2018 from Miami–highly recommend it!—PK
For current train details see 


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