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British foods +restaurants/cafes/fish and chip shops in Florida

Fish and Chips…….Roast Beef and Yorkshire Classic English Sunday Roast…..Yummo. 

►  NOTE:  Scroll down to see where to eat British food in Florida.  Also see the BRITSHOPS page on this website for list Florida’s English tearooms and Britshops.  There you can buy British foods imported from the UK.  

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►►  SOUTHWEST FLORIDA :  Have you always dreamed of owning a Chippy?  Profitable, one of a kind, award-winning,  authentic British fish and chip shop.  Located in the Fort Myers area on a busy main road, in a strip center surrounded by businesses, a hospital and local residences. Six years of increasingly successful operations.  Reason for sale: owners retiring.  Simple menu with beer and wine. This business is ideally suited for a husband and wife team. No prior restaurant experience necessary—current British owners say they learned on the job and were a success from Day One!   See it featured on the TRIPADVISOR Restaurant Hall of fame!  Exposed kitchen is very clean. The restaurant has maintained a loyal following over the years due to its stellar reputation. Trademark and fully documented operations manual included. Many options available for increasing sales, including the ability to open other locations and/or franchise others.   Gross sales of $285K with cash flow $75K.  Sale price: $139K. Owner willing to finance part of the transaction with $90K down.  Their business broker Tom Davanaugh will supply photos and full details.  Call [239] 233-6367 and ask for Tom at Truforte Business Group, Ft. Myers. Or send email to Tom@truforte.com


►   BLACK PUDDING.   A daft, outdated US law forbids the import of any meats from UK, so you can’t get black pudding here.  But the Argentinian blood pudding called Morcilla Dulce is virtually identical to UK Black pudding and available everywhere in Florida.  I am  a huge black pudding fan and always have it in  a fry up when back in England,  so can vouch that this Argentinean blood sausage is a good local substitute. In Miami where I am based, morcilla is on many menus.  [From Google:  Morcilla is a blood sausage, similar to what is known as black pudding in the United Kingdom and Ireland].

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► MARVELLOUS NEWS, EXPAT BRITS!!   NOW YOU CAN MAKE  OUR CLASSIC SPOTTED DICK PUDDING HERE IN YOUR AMERICAN KITCHEN!!  As you know, you need suet for the recipe.  Amazon now stocks and ships authentic ATORA suet to any USA address.  Only $5.99 for the standard 200g box. with free shippingIt’s the original authentic ATORA SHREDDED SUET in its iconic box, imported from England, not an American substitute.   Americans don’t use suet of course.  TO ORDER:   Go to www.amazon.com  and search by Atora Suet.  SPOTTED DICK RECEIPE:    If you need the classic English recipe for Spotted Dick,  send an email to publisher@www.britishflorida.com  On Subject Line put  RECIPE PLEASE and include your city and contact phone.  


►  WANT TO MAKE TRADITONAL ENGLISH MINCE PIES FOR CHRISTMAS?  Publix stores in Florida carry jars of Crosse and Blackwell sweet Mincemeat, exactly the same as we use back home for baking. In June 2017 I bought the rum and brandy flavour from my downtown Miami Publix—excellent.  

►  ENGLISH FRUITCAKES.   Brandy soaked ingredients, 7 inch (larger by request).  Rich,dark quality, available in traditional, diabetic + vegan. Only high quality ingredients used.  Shipped Priority to your door.  Specially made to order $38.50 + shipping $12.50  DEADLINE for  Christmas orders:  December 15.    English Baker Shirley Clerk [561] 558 3730  shirleyclerk7@aol.com

► BRITISH BANGERS…the nearest thing to UK sausages you’ll find in Florida.  Utterly delicious and supplied to many British and Irish pubs around Florida, they are home made by Murvest Foods in Ft.Lauderdale, owned by John Murphy [Irish] and wife Sylvia [Australian].   You can buy them yourself to enjoy at home. Delight your dinner party guests with classic Bangers and Mash and onion gravy. You have to buy a case of these but they go fast, freeze well and I give them as precious presents to my special British friends.  HOW TO BUY:   Go in person to pick them up from Murvest’s Ft.Lauderdale premises. Call Murvest [954] 772-6440 for prices and opening times.  OR : They will ship via UPS to your office Monday-Friday only, NOT to private homes, so someone is definitely there to sign for it.   The sausages come frozen.  Call Murvest Foods [954] 772-6440 in Ft.Lauderdale to arrange shipment.  Make sure to ask for Sylvia or John by name and ask for the British Bangers.  They also do the same in small cocktail size-great for parties.  I also recommend their Black Pudding–a fave with Brits–have tried that–delish.   Tell them Patricia sent you.–PK

►  DAVENPORT Sundays Grill [863] 588-2162 serves Bangers and Mash and shows Premier league football. Brit owners Paul and Tony Gray

►  DAVENPORT The Proper Pie Company. [863] 438-2705 British owner Derek. 

►  ORLANDO [Sanford] The Daily Express Cafe [407] 644-6282 British owners serve your fave dishes like fish and chips and sell British foods.

►  KISSIMMEE The British Chippy  [407] 507-5064.  Closed down .  An authentic fish and chip shop like we loved back in UK.  Ask for British owner Steve Barnes.  

 FT. MYERS   OK-UK Fish and Chips  [239] 599-2328.  British owner John Norton.

CAPE CORAL  Pete’s Fish and Chips [239] 458-2447 in west Florida. Ask for British owner Peter Rushton.

OSPREY Scrambles [941] 966-6347 for breakfast and lunch. English owner Karen.

►  ST. PETERSBURG  Madeleina Cottage English restaurant [NOT a Pub] [727] 367-1727.  British owners.  Serves English menu and wine/beer. 

►   ST. PETERSBURG  Luvits Pieshop [727] 608-6529 run by English baker Taina Brabant.  They have the authentic pies expats crave from back home.  

►  ST. PETERSBURG   Jack’s London Grill [727] 289-7170.   Ask for British owner Peter Leonavicius

►►► THE BRITISH MARKETPLACE and attached LET’S HAVE TEA ENGLISH TEAROOM is your one-stop Brit-shop for Broward and Miami Brits.  [Miami’s only one closed years ago].  Largest range of British foods,  gifts, football, and souvenir items imported from the UK.  It’s an Aladdin Cave of British goodies, with new imports arriving daily from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland.   Pop in and see what they have! For your year-round and Easter and Christmas Goodies [with attached tearoom to have a cuppa and Bakewell tart while shopping], head out to the British Marketplace in Davie.  Their tearoom is especially popular for occasion and group bookings, classic English High Teas Christmas parties, ladies lunches,  or just you and a friend.  View both websites to see they have to offer:    www.britishmarketplace.com and   www.letshavetearoom.com   British owner David Williams is known for the friendliest service in Florida!   A member of FABB [Florida Association of British Business] since 2013.  British Marketplace,  6923 Stirling Road, Davie FL 33314.  From 95 exit west on Stirling Road.  Call shop for opening hours on [954] 584-8888.   

ST. PETERSBURG     Madeleina Cottage English restaurant [727] 367-1727. British owners.
► ORLANDO Sanford Cafe Rouge [407] 324-7887. Has English items and serves fish and chips. British owner Samantha Walsh.   
►  ORLANDO [Sanford] The World Market [407] 302-0263 sells a large selection foods and chocs from the UK.  
►  ORLANDO The International Food Club [321] 281–4300 sells a huge variety of imported UK foods. 

TAMPA The Toasted Pheasant [813] 265-6700 British owner Peter Leonvicius. Serves the English classic Sticky Toffee Pudding.
COCOA BEACH BRITISH CATERING COMPANY. Scottish lass Jacqueline Sampson, based in Cocoa  Beach makes and sell traditional British fruitcakes and other UK favourites.  Call [321] 427-2340 to order and ask what other goodies she makes.

Buy authentic sweet English Mincemeat from Publix stores in Florida. It’s by Crosse and Blackwell in jars, in the jams and jellies or baking aisle. To make your own English sausage rolls you can buy British style sausage meat also from Murvest.  on this page is 
of real British bangers in a shop in Bath, UK. Locally you can buy British-style bangers from Murvest in Ft. Lauderdale–see their ad at the bottom of this page.    ►  NOTE: Daft USA law, in place since the 80s, prohibits the import of any meats from UK. So our delicious bacon and sausages are not available in the USA and we have to eat their tasteless substitutes. The photo below I took of a shop window in Bath. It’s a sausages-only gourmet butcher’s, which makes and sells English sausages of all varieties. I gazed and sniffed longingly, but alas the photo was all I could take back to Florida. The good news: Irish bacon is allowed to be imported and is as tasty and well-sized as English bacon. You can buy Irish bacon and Irish black pudding at the British shops in Florida listed on this website.
TO MAKE PERFECT ENGLISH SCONES IN HUMID FLORIDA.  Below is an article from the Miami Herald Food Section in 2013.  It followed a letter sent by an English expat reader.   TIPS TO TURN OUT PERFECT SCONES:    

Q. In 1966 I emigrated from England. I remained in Miami until retiring a few years ago and moving up to the Gainesville area. One of the things that I have struggled with over the years is trying to make scones.  I have tried numerous recipes, but they never seem to come out right for me, and I have never been able to settle on a recipe that worked well. It’s embarrassing to think that an English person cannot make scones. Any assistance with a recipe would be greatly appreciated——MARY G.

ANSWER:   There are lots of recipes for scones, but I’m happy to provide  instead a quick primer which helps any Floridian make a crumbly, tender and buttery scone. These are tips I learned from my daughter, who lived in Dublin, Belfast and London for several years and approaches her scone baking as an art form: 

1.       Especially on warm days, or in a humid climate, it is essential that the butter be almost frozen, and the buttermilk ice cold. You should work quickly so the ingredients stay cool — that will make for a flakier, more-tender scone.    Genevieve picked up a handy trick of putting a stick of butter in the freezer for 30 minutes, then pushing it through the large grater of a food processor. You end up with lots of small icicle bits that are easy to distribute through the flour.  No doubt you could use the large holes on a hand grater as well. 

 2.     Handle the dough as little as possible.  At Ballymaloe (the best-known Irish cooking school) you are told to make a claw of your hand, and use only your fingertips to incorporate the flour, keeping the fingers stiff and basically raking the wet ingredients into the dry.

3.      You don’t want the dough to be even or smooth — you just want to disperse the butter and incorporate the remaining ingredients. Resist the temptation to add more flour, other than what you’ve used to dust your board. The dough should be wet and a bit sticky, not clean and smooth like a yeast bread dough.

4.    Put away the rolling pin. Pat the dough, don’t smush. You can use a knife to make the traditional wedge shapes from a round of dough, or to make squares from a rectangle. If you want perfect circles, use a biscuit cutter rather than rolling dough into balls with your hands.
5.      Once you’ve put the dough onto the cookie sheet, put the whole thing in the refrigerator for 15 minutes. This gives the gluten in the dough a chance to rest after any stretching has taken place and will make the dough flakier.  
6.   Put your baking sheet on the top rack of the oven, rather than the middle one, to ensure the scones rise well and get a nice, burnished top.      END

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